Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sonnet Day #3


  • Poetry Out Loud
  • Review of "The Parting"
  • Review Shakespearean Sonnet Conventions
  • Turning a song into a Petrarchan Sonnet
    • Choose a song about unrequited or lost love
    • Explain how it is Petrarchan
    • Plan out how your two parts of the sonnet.  Remember you need a shift, however subtle, from octave to sestet.
    • Start writing.  Remember you may pull from the song lyrics.  However, you should be adding in additional Petrarchan conventions and commonly used devices.  Refer to your notes if necessary.
    • Make sure you are following the rhyme scheme and using ten syllables per line.  If you are feeling extra ambitious try true-to-form iambic pentameter.
  • Finalize song choice
  • Read and answer questions on Spenser's sonnet for tomorrow

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